I truly believe in this statement. Life is all about relationships and staying connected with people whether it be family, friends and/or business. After much research and thought about a career change, I have selected Real Estate to be my next opportunity to throw my focus/passion at to achieve and stay connected with life.

Why list with Robert Ferguson?

I want to help and work for you the 'client'. You will get my complete and best effort to get a deal done in your best interests. We (you, perhaps others and I) have put a lot of time into investigating a property and new information comes to light that makes this particular deal not attractive to you any more, we move onto another deal. It is not time wasted but time spent doing our due diligence to ensure this deal works for you. My greatest reward or satisfaction comes from putting together a deal that works .... the commission is viewed upon as a thank you for helping.

I can be that great for anyone who is investigating and looking at making that decision into whether to list/sell or purchase real estate. If I don't know the answer - I will find out and get back to you with an informed and honest response. I have been fortunate to take an active and leadership role in many different aspects of life. Therefore, maybe I'm able to provide a different preceptive/another opinion and help you with your next real estate decision.

Unique - I'm driven to help by providing information so you can make an informed decision, not just to make a sale. At each stage of the buying and/or selling process everything will be patiently explained and you will be able to make an informed decision calmly and without pressure to 'complete the deal'. For myself I often compare real estate to how sports was in my 'earlier' life. It has become a focus/passion to prepare my myself to be constantly learning, building the process to put myself in a position to succeed and then apply a work ethic to get it done.

Jennifer Ferguson - another great source of information is my wife Jennifer. Jennifer has a flair for interior decor and will sit down with any potential client and explain what should be done to make the property present at its best to Buyers. For those who own properties, Jennifer will help with ideas/planning for renovations and colours to help your home feel warm and comfortable. Jennifer has a great relationship with some excellent, trusted contractors and is able to price out material to keep the budget affordable. An awesome resource for that you can take advantage of to enhance your property for sale or your existing home.

Presentation - Presentation is very important in real estate and that is why I hire my presentation/photos by professionals out of Kingston. Check out their website and it is impressive. Key Features include 360 degree tour, drafted floor plans, photo gallery, compass, neighbourhood maps and iGuide report and iGuide analytics.

Please check out my Linkedin page and/or Facebook page if you wish to get a glimpse into my life in general.