Robert Ferguson - bio

As a life long resident of Brockville and area, Robert Ferguson cares deeply about the social and economic life of our community. He brings his life experiences and foresight to proactively help you navigate any potential problem into positive workable solutions. Ferguson often quotes ‘I believe life is all about relationships, timing and opportunity’ and he uses this philosophy to drive his work ethic, focus and desire to get things done.

Ferguson brings:

– multiple streams of connections to the community (need some information - probably connected to somebody who knows somebody who knows where to find that bit of knowledge.

- attended St. Lawrence College in Brockville and received a diploma in Civil Engineering Technology.

– raised on, owned and operated a family beef farm (raised on the family farm and helping on the neighbour's dairy farm eventually resulted in buying a farm and operating a herd of Blonde d'Aquitaine Beef Cattle - breeding stock and genetics were sold across Canada. While engaged in farming was actively involved in the marketing and promotion of the breed and the associations as a member of Canadian and Provincial Executives)

– community engagement with the Brockville Police Service (employed as a member of the Brockville Police Service and has always enjoyed working general patrol due to the various daily challenges of police work in general)

– a passion for sports whether playing, coaching or officiating

Active on social media (Facebook/LinkedIn) Ferguson can be found on his personal website for mortgages, CMHC costs along with helpful tips on selling and buying real estate. Also found on his personal website, check out the tab ferg’s list for local lawyers, home inspectors and/or contractors to help along the selling/buying process.

“Real Estate allows me to stay connected to life by helping people emotionally and economically. Outside of family and friends, real estate provides me with a purpose to enjoy life”. If you have any questions or just looking to discuss real estate – please contact me anytime.

Robert Ferguson

Re/Max HomeTown Real Estate Sales Representative